Retro Rainbow Tote / Orange


    1970's inspired design made out of modern technical material. Add a splash of color to your day with his nostalgic water-friendly, reversible travel tote.

    Made of highly-recyclable Tyvek®, a lightweight, water-resistant substrate that is commonly used on the side of buildings, MIXT bags and totes act a lot like fabric with a surprisingly paper-like feel. Weighing just 4.5 ounces and folding to the size of a small book, these Reversible Totes are a must have for travel, gym, beach, or poolside. But don’t be deceived by their delicate feel, these totes are strong (able to hold over 40-pounds)! 

    - Soft, embossed Tyvek® exterior and heavy-duty Tyvek® interior
    - Thick, 100% cotton straps
    - Large pocket
    - Can be reversed to show either pattern
    - Recyclable, water-resistant
    - 25 x 18 x 6″